POLISPORT - Cork Bio Thermal Water Bottle 500ml


REAL MAURITIUS - BICYCLE RENTAL - ACCESSORIES: Developed with increased capacity, the Bidon Thermal Bio offers not only an excellent grip, but also an excellent 4 hour thermal capacity.

The Bio Thermal Bidon is smaller than the standard thermoses we have developed and will be your new accessory of choice for cycling and outdoor activities. This bidon has a smart design, which allows you to use it as a thermal bidon to keep your drink cooler on hot days, with a capacity of 550ML.

In the thermal option, for example, at an external temperature of 23°C, the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle will go from 5°C to 15°C difference. The thermal capacity is provided by the internal foam, which contains an aluminium membrane, which prevents the temperature of the water from changing over a period of time.